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  Injection molding refers to the process where heat and pressure is imposed on a plastic material to melt it(plasticiation) and make it liquid. Under the high pressure(injection pressure), the material enters the closed metallic pattern at such a high speed and then is congelated enough to make an intended shape.

Usually they use a particle-shape chip by adding pigments or stabilizers to the thermoplastic resin.
When the flange goes back, the chip is automatically sent into the cylinder from the hopper. Then it is heated and turns liquid. Going through the route where the molding materials travel in the screw part, it is equally heated.
After it enters the closed metallic pattern from the nozzle, the cooling water is circulated around the pattern to keep the temperature at a certain degree.

When the process in the pattern is completed, the molding is cooled down and congelated. Then the moving plate moves back to open the metallic pattern. Thus the molding comes out.