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  It refers to any kinds of processing imposed on the molding itself or its surface in order to increase the aesthetic value.
The plastic moldings are often called the "face of the product" covering the product. Under the expression of "era of sensibility and high sensitivity," the trend placing emphasis on colors and textures that make up design has risen. In addition, the flow has favored the small quantity batch production over the mass production practice, which leads to the increasing importance of textures in the introduction of diverse products and differentiation. Thus "How is the product look?" is as critical as "the function of the molding product" or "decision of the function."

(1) Printing Screen printing  
    We use stencil fabric such as silk in attaching the ink onto the object.
Thermal tape printing  
      We adjust the transfer paper or film that is printed onto the desired position of the molding product. Then heat and pressure is imposed on it using a heated silicon rubber plate or roller in order to transfer the ink layer onto the product surface, where the ink layers will be settle down and congelated.
(2) Metalizing
It's the process of covering the molding product surface with a think metalic film
Plating(electroless plating and electroplating)
It's used along with electroplating as it covers a metallic film of chrome as well as electroless plating in order to make the molding product conductive.
Vacuum plating  
      It covers the product with a solid metallic film by evaporating metal in vacuum.
(3) Paint Coating  
  There are two kinds of paint coating; one is the overall paint coating using a spray gun, and the other is the mask one that gives a partial plating effects.
  a. It's for increasing the surface functions of a molding product.
  b. It's an alternative to the introduction of diverse products in small
  c. It's used to protect the other kinds of surface decoration.  
  d. It's used when an expression is wanted by painting in terms of
(4) Mechanical processing

It refers to the process of CNC pieces onto clear plastic materials.