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The global economy in the 21st century has passed the era of industry and information and entered that of sensibility and culture. Thus design has started to take more roles including serving as the driving force of national development in addition to the old role of increasing added value of a product.

The appearance of a product decides the competitivity of the product in the trend of more prestigious products introduced in the market. It's hardly possible to overemphasize the importance of design, which has the potential to change the quality of a product's look in a revolutionary manner.

A good design starts with a good mechanical design with software and ends with the realization with hardware through a series of development processes.

In designing a metallic pattern, you should equip yourself with the knowledge of materials and colors, which decide the beauty of the look along with the combination of heterogeneous matters as well as consider the production as a common size.

Therefore a good design is the product of the efforts made by all the staff involved(in the areas of design, mechanical design, making metallic patterns, molding, post process of surface decoration, and quality control) in participation and collaboration.

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