Company Introduction
CEO Message
Manufacturing Flow
Development Record
  Sancus Co., Ltd. provides the one-stop service of all the processes required to turn a customer's image into a product,
being specialized in automobiles and appliances parts.
  It's succeeded in making each department specialize in one item and achieving rational management through ongoing innovations in products, production, and technology, thus taking an advantage point in price competition.

The prior quality policy is to give the customers utmost satisfaction based on high efficiency, high quality, and exact delivery.
It's been doing its best in improving and controlling the quality management system on a constant basis through developing and marketing the best quality products.
The efforts will not stop in the future to become the one great company that the customers can have trust in.
  Mechanical design

3D modeling, drawing a product plan, and drawing a sketch of metallic patterns.
  Mould Designing and making

milling, shelves, discharge, corrosion, NC processing, pieces,lapping, wire cuts, polishing, abrasion, and heat treatment.
  Molding(making a form)

injection molding, vacuum molding, use of press and board materials, and CNC pieces.
  Post process
(referring to all the processes taken after molding)

Paint coating(urethane, UV, lacquer, and pulverulent bodies), plating(chrome, matte chrome, matte nickel, gold, silver, and low-leveling plating), vacuum plating, printing, CNC pieces, inking, sanding, blaster, buffing, and so on.

quality inspection, reliability check, assembly, defects, attachment, fusion, and shipping inspection.