1. Mechanical Design
  In this stage, we use a 3D CAD to make a decided design a model before turning a design of the customer's ... <more>  
2. Mould Designing and Making  
  It's the stage where we design a frame(metallic pattern) based on the shape of the design and mechanical design ... <more>  
3. Plastic Injection Molding  
  Injection molding refers to the process where heat and pressure is imposed on a plastic material to melt it(plasticiation)... <more>  
4. Appearance Decoration  
  a. Paint Coating  
  There are two kinds of paint coating; one is the overall paint coating using a spray gun, and the other is the mask one that gives a .... <more>  

  b. Plating
  It's used along with electroplating as it covers a metallic film of chrome as well as electroless plating in order to make the... <more>  
  c. Vacuum Plating
  It covers the product with a solid metallic film by evaporating metal in vacuum... <more>  
Plated emblem
(plastic injection plating)
Acrylic emblem
Aluminum panel emblem
(forging, press)
Urethane emblem
(press, urethane
liquid injecting)
Center cap for coated wheel
Center cap for plated wheel
Center cap for vacuum plated wheel